Who exactly wants a coach? Winners.
Coaching with me...?

I like to challenge my clients, keep them responsible and accountable.

I invest to create a sense of safety and trust in my coaching relationships.

What is coaching   
Coaching is not about quick fixes, it is a deep transformational process whereby you grow and develop new habits of thinking and being. That takes time and thus cannot be served in a one-off manner, at least not in my practice. I offer between 6 to 18 months of tailor made 1-2-1 coaching programmes, designed on an individual basis after the pre-assessment form and the first consultation / chemistry session. 
When & where we meet
Coaching sessions are both face to face, for those based in London and virtual via Skype, Zoom or Fuze for international clients. My London offices are based in various central locations and it is always agreed on an individual basis where and when is most convenient to run our sessions. Occasionally, I also coach in the park for the sake of challenge and a change of perspectives.  Times vary and depend on our availability, coaching sessions tend to take place between 8-5pm Tuesday - Thursday every 2 or 3 weeks. 
How it is structured 
Coaching is based on two parts: the being part and the doing part. Being is about increasing your self-awareness, becoming more conscious and aware of what is happening in your life, what you wish to change and where you want to go - it is about gaining more clarity, focus and direction. Doing is self-explanatory right? It is about acting on what you already know and committing to change. Now, imagine that  the coaching process is like a bridge between these two parts. It is about connecting your awareness and new consciousness about yourself, your vision and your goals with your action, a structure, your motivation and a burning desire to make things happen. 

My presupposition is that everyone is creative, capable and resourceful.

I aim to create only relaxed, fun and stimulating environment.

I don't give you any answers - I elicit your self-generated solutions and strategies.

I love to discover what’s best in my clients and champion them constantly.

My favourite definition of coaching ... 


"Coaching comes from the world of sports and the arts, where athletes and actors receive coaching so that their work will become extraordinary instead of just okay. Coaching takes people from good to great. Coaching is not for dysfunctional people, it is not there to heal the sick and wounded. It's there to help people reach their higher callings and "unlived lives", the lives they are not living because they are trapped in their own isolated, self-critical egos. Coaching expands their goals. It's not about whether you need a coach (no-one needs a coach), it's about whether you want a coach." - "The Prosperous Coach" Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler

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