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The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart.


In one of its earliest forms, the word courage had a very different definition than it does today. Courage originally meant "To speak one's mind by telling all one's heart."

In the absence of confidence,

courage takes over.

Confidence operates in the realm of the known, courage in that of the unknown, the uncertain, and the fearsome. I cannot be confident in diving from a height of 10 meters unless I once had the courage to dive from a height of 10 meters.
Courage is a more noble attribute than confidence because it requires greater strength, and because a courageous person is one with limitless capabilities and possibilities.

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Brené Brown: the Call to Courage | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Commit to everything you do in life

and let go of the outcome.

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Carole Dweck study on the growth & fixed mindset..


"What if happiness is this: not wanting to be anywhere else, not wanting to be anyone else, not wanting to have anything else?"


Joy Of Missing Out. Feeling content with staying in and disconnecting as a form of self-care.
Antonym: FOMO

Dear Self, being afraid of things going wrong is not the way to make things go right. Relax. .


"You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That's the only thing you should be trying to control."

Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love


Self-esteem is a consequence, a product of internally generated practices. Living consciously, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, assertiveness, living purposefully, personal integrity. How often do you practice these 6 pillars of self-esteem? Going on a solo trip is a perfect way to experience conscious living .. I invite you to book yourself a solo weekend trip to a place you've always wanted to visit and find out yourself!

Book recommendation:

"The six pillars of self-esteem" by Nathaniel Branden

Don't be afraid to walk alone, don't be afraid to like it. Go and enjoy your own company and watch yourself growing from within. Your way.

Fear of failure. eh

"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure"


The Alchemist

The only real failure is the failure to try. The only real measure of success is the way we deal with disappointment.
Ah and tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.
You only get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Don't be ashamed of needing help. You have a duty to fulfill just like a soldier on the wall of battle. Swallow your pride, asking is an act of courage not a weakness.

Go, ask for help.

No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams - Maya Mendoza

Read it again.

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“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Suzy Kassem

Inner Critics.

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We stay so busy that the truth of our lives simply can't catch up...

Find yourself and express yourself in your own particular way. Express your love openly. Life is nothing but a dream and if you create your life with love, your dream becomes a masterpiece of art.

You are an artist at living.

is the antidote to the restless poison of the Ego.


Dear life,
I haven’t lived that long but still long enough to see that you are passing by quickly. Years are going by so awfully fast and it hurts. But dear life of mine, in this unrelenting current, please don't you ever let me lose my guiltless love for you, keep me forever in my shameless awe of your simple beauty, let me burn my foolish love for your skies full of stars, your fields made of gold and all those peaceful mornings blessed with your rising sun..
Never let me lose my zest for being me in this vanished world. Let me be simple, let me love endlessly, let me smile with wonder, let me forever keep my glaring enthusiasm about having you. Promise that in this brief moment of tasting you, I will forever stay true to who you’ve so tactfully designed me to be. Myself.

My moment of poor poetry.

Patrycja Skurzak

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London, United Kingdom