Most people live in a restricted circle of potential and it’s not because they lack intelligence, opportunities or resources but because they don’t believe in themselves or worse, they don’t think they are “good enough”. The truth of the matter is that self-esteem and self-confidence are learnable skills and therefore can be understood, trained and mastered in life.

Today, more than ever, the world needs people with a higher level of independence, self-reliance and self-trust. The Journey of Building Confidence and Developing Self-Esteem is aimed at anyone interested in personal growth and development. Together with an amazing coach Binta Patel we will be exploring how self-esteem and confidence can significantly improve a number of soft skills, such a positive and emotional intelligence, adaptability, flexibility,  communication, resilience, courage, self-awareness, empathy and self-management.

This programme has a number of different elements from workshops, group coaching to a retreat. You are welcome to join us for all or one of them.


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The Introductory Workshop on Building Confidence and Developing Self-esteem will introduce the difference between self-confidence (trust and belief in our abilities) and self-esteem (our cognitive and emotional appraisal of our own worth); the importance of both and how to create them in professional and personal life.


saboteurs| limiting beliefs | perfectionism | imposter syndrome | controlling behaviour | self management

Low self-esteem can affect multiple areas of your life. Relationships can break down, careers can stall, lifestyle can become unbalanced and a positive state of mind can be difficult to maintain


In the Self-Esteem Half-Day Workshop you will learn to let go of outdated self identities so that you clearly see yourself without those labels and step into your true potential.


We will look at your limiting beliefs and replace them with new beliefs based on truth rather then emotions and feelings. We will help you overcome negative patterns and self-talk so that you start to make empowered decisions.


courage | vulnerability | fear of rejection & failure | self-belief | resilience | self management

Research shows that the right level of confidence can help you to take on the world with more energy and determination, resulting in better relationships, quality work and a feeling of being connected with your surroundings.


In the Self-Confidence Half-Day Workshop you will learn how to rise to new challenges, seize opportunities, deal with difficult situations, and take responsibility if and when things go awry.

We will look at the quality of your actions and help you evoke the courage to rise the bar and progressively step outside of your comfort zone; with determination, solid plan and clarity. We will support you in overcoming your biggest fears that are holding you back.


group motivation | fun | support | accountability | intimacy | safe environment

In order to create a significant step-change and true transformation, we offer continuous coaching support. Coaching is based on the principles of creating awareness, gaining clarity, conscious choice-making, taking different action, which builds momentum and in turn achieves results.


You will be given work to do between the sessions which takes the learning from the workshops and puts them into action, both in your personal and professional life. This format also facilitates an accountability structure which helps drive actions.


If you are interested in the programme, let me know below!



Patrycja Skurzak

PS Confidence Coaching

London, United Kingdom

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