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I’m a people person. I love meeting new faces, learning about different personalities and listening to people’s captivating stories of life. I think that's fascinating. Every time I meet someone new, I’m always excited to hear about their journey.

As far as I can remember, I have always been this way but for a long time (if not for most of my life) I tried my hardest to stay clear from answering one single question: “What about you Patrycja?” To which I used to reply: “What about me? You mean, what’s my story? Nah it's nowhere near as exciting as your life, there really is not much I can tell..“  


Essentially, the story was that I didn't have a story, full stop.

PS Confidence Coaching
PS Confidence Coaching

I was born in a small town in Poland, where I spent 17 years of my life. I enjoyed riding a bike, exploring wild forests and writing poems about birds & freedom.


I didn't like school because it was the only place where I couldn't express myself.


I never had a plan for life. I was fine with just being happy in the moment. The more I was told what to do, the more I disliked that thing, so I ended up hating all of the school subjects.  


My hobbies back then? Cycling, fruit picking, long walks, outdoor sports and occasional choir singing. That's all I knew. Could it be more than this? Well, I didn't know back then. I was careless, simple, average and not so ambitious. I dreamt of wild horses, dancing shoes and everlasting sunsets. My future? Never planned, always an accident. That was my world.

When I arrived in London after finishing my high school, I realised two things. First, I’ve learnt that there was another world out there, with a completely different reality. Second, I understood that I wasn't, in any way, part of it. That's when my rainbow bubble burst like a balloon.


Was I ready for this? Absolutely not.

You want to tell me that this is a story?“ I was rather embarrassed by such a tedious life scenario.


It took me 10 years to build my own reality in a world that was so odd to me. 10 years to turn a little frightened, doubtful and uninspired girl, who lacked self-belief and confidence, into an independent,  confident and determined woman I'm today, who wants to inspire other people in reaching their highest level of potential.


Now, looking back and seeing my two so incredibly different lives I was once living, I can tell you that I have a story worth sharing and one that can inspire many. 

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I have learned how to love myself for who I am, how to evoke the courage to take risky decisions, how to be confident with everything that I represent and how to believe in myself before anyone else can. I have learned that talents, passion and potential must be searched for and once found, they need to be nourished.


I also realised that life is a constant journey of self-discovery, and the more curved the path is and the more uncomfortable it may feel at times - the more treasures will be found on the way and the more fulfilling the journey will be in the end. But, above all, my most valuable lesson was that staying true to myself is by far the most precious gift I could ever give to myself.  

Life is a search of who we are, what we love, what sets fire in our hearts and brings peace into our minds; what is our burning desire and passion and how much we live by it. I think that the challenge today is not so much about achieving ambitious goals of all sorts (frankly, everyone can do that). The challenge is to understand what drives you behind that goal, what makes you complete, fulfilled and happy. To know this is to realise who you are and that is the key in winning life. I love to facilitate that self-discovery in people, expand their awareness, evoke the courage to take action and challenge them to remain persistent in their own art of self-discovery and confidence building. 

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