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Confidently YOU 

6-week confidence building programme for aspiring women

In a society that profits from your self-doubt, believing in Self is a rebellious act. 

And we are about to start a war!

Hey, I'm Patrycja

and I'm on a mission to empower every woman in developing strong inner-confidence, master healthy self-esteem and overcome self-doubt, so that they can accelerate personally and professionally, liberate themselves from limiting social norms and start living bold and passionate lives.  

Join The Confidently YOU Programme today

and be part of this quest!


Reality Check

  • Have your inner critical voices gone too far?

  • Have you lost self-belief and trust in your abilities?

  • Do you feel stuck in life & career?

  • Are you wasting your potential? 

  • Are you highly sensitive to the opinions of others?

  • Do you struggle with setting personal boundaries & tolerate toxic relationships?


You do not deserve to answer "yes" to any of these questions. Full STOP.

Mental Fitness      Self-Belief      Joy & Peace Of Mind      Healthy Relationships      Peak Performance  


This is a 6-week breakthrough programme designed to empower aspiring and ambitious women gain inner confidence and self-esteem to maximise their growth and unlock their true leadership potential.  

This is a war against your inner-critics and gender bias, and if you are here, you are already a winner! 

Tyle lat edukacji, a nikt nigdy nie nauczył nas, jak kochać siebie i dlaczego to takie waż
Pondering Soul

What Is Included

 6 VIDEO SESSIONS         
Every week you receive access to a new video session, accompanied by worksheets & special resources

Throughout the 6-week period,
you can schedule 3x 1:1 online
dive-in sessions with Patrycja

Access to workbooks, guided meditations, positive intelligence tools and more


There will be a growth work set for you every week after each video release and a way to keep you accountable 


feeling unworthy 
fear of failure 


toxic behaviours 
fear of judgement
feeling lost 


inner insecurities
acting small 

patrycja_sk_183 (1).jpg

inner clarity

inner confidence


In 6 weeks you will
move from a place of:

To a new sense of
SELF, based on:

Positivity Vortex

Seeing opportunities
Serotonin + dopamine 

Negativity Vortex 
Seeing danger



Love Notes


Joanna Smith

Patrycja was made for this line of work. She is an extremely passionate individual with the natural ability to help people fulfil their highest potential. She has a unique coaching style and effortlessly adapts to her client's needs immediately putting them at ease. 


Sabina Torres

Patrycja has an outstanding passion for coaching. She works tirelessly and cheerfully to inspire and help others to maximise their growth.
Her enthusiasm and positivism are infectious, and I can confidently recommend Patrycja's coaching.


Clementina Elphinstone

Patrycja was an incredible coach in so many ways.
My life has changed so positively since starting the journey with Patrycja, and this has not only
been noticed by myself but also by my friends and family.

"This programme is for all women out there who want to OWN their self-worth and DARE to manifest it"
- Jenn Etra 

Happy Friends


Confidently YOU programme holds space for a community of self-believers and enablers, women who not only work on themselves and their levels of inner belief & inner worth, but who are also able to empower and support other women in their network!

Waitin List Registraion

Join The Waiting List & Be The First to Know About
The Start Dates!

Thank you for your interest!

Mental Fitness      Self-Belief      Joy & Peace Of Mind      Healthy Relationships      Peak Performance  


During the programme YOU will:

  • Significantly enhance your mental strength, pivoting your mindset from self-sabotaging tendencies to self-empowering patterns

  • Dramatically improve your positivity and productivity, establishing more calmer clearer and happier thoughts, feelings and behaviours

  • Receive powerful insights, motivation, and structure to practice your mental fitness 15min a day with weekly sessions and accompanied resources


  • Healthy self-esteem and relationship with Self, resulting in healthy relationships with others

  • Strong self-belief muscle, resulting in more courage and less fear in your decisions

  • Increased motivation, energy and performance, leading towards a greater sense of fulfilment, passion and challenge in life

  • Sense of internal abundance and solid self-mastery, enabling you to support and empower other women around you

Girl Riding a Bike

"The most practical and applicable way to gain inner confidence and healthy self-esteem. Truly life changing"
- Daria Kenn 

The Research Behind: 

The Confidently YOU programme is based on a thorough research in positive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and performance science. Reframing and enhancing your cognitive, emotional and behavioural faculties will require working on your MIND first, so that we can effectively manage your feelings and consequently your behaviours.

Self-doubt voice rests within our limbic system, often referred to as a survival brain region. Our Inner Champion voice is based within the positive intelligence region of our brain, the prefrontal cortex. Survival brain is all about existing and surviving. It is associated with feelings like anxiety, stress, anger, guilt, blame, regret, doubt, shame and disappointment.

IG Content.jpg

Your positive intelligence region of your brain is scientifically responsible for thriving, this voice is able to see and appreciate our worth, recognise our strengths and grow the seeds of courage we plant. It is associated with feelings like curiosity, excitement, gratitude, empathy, joy, calmness, creativity and peace.

The relative strength of your Inner Champion versus your Self-doubt is the best predictor of how confident you are and how well you perform to your potential. 

The goal of the programme is simple: to strengthen your Inner Champion voice and weaken your Self-doubt voice. 

Programme Overview

Week 1 
Self-Awareness & Self-Command

The first week you start building awareness around your mental fitness and learn how to boost your self-command muscle. This will enable you to:

  • Have a better understanding of how your brain works

  • Run your brain rather than being run by your Saboteur thoughts

Your self-awareness and self-command are key to intercepting unhelpful mental habits and rewiring your brain to respond more effectively.  

Week 2
Meet Your Inner Critic 

This week you meet your Inner Critic - aka Inner Judge! You will become aware of the enormous damage inflicted by the Judge voice on yourself and the world around you, learning how to: 


  • Expose your Judge's hidden lies, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns

  • Reveal your Judge's impact on performance, relationships, and stress

  • Practice intercepting your Judge before it hijacks you

You discover how judging yourself, others, and circumstances is a key source of your stress and quite damaging to your performance.

Week 3
Exposing Your Limiting Voice

This week you begin to pay closer attention to your limiting thinking patterns. You expose the part of your brain that generates all negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, avoidance, discontent, anger. This will enable you to:

  • See clearly how you engage in unhelpful cognitive & behavioural patterns

  • Start intercepting your limiting thinking traps


This is fundamental in reaching self-mastery and enhancing your self-esteem, you cannot fight an enemy that you cannot see. 


This is not only what you need, it's what you deserve!

Week 4
Activating Your Inner Champion

After exposing and weakening your limiting voices, it’s time to strengthen your Champion. The voice within you that sees your strengths, recognizes your achievements, gently pushes you outside of your comfort zone, loves and believes in you without limits. After this week you will be able to:


  • Incorporate NEW perspectives into your life

  • Develop calm, clear and laser focused mind


It is absolutely essential to activate this part of your brain, responsible for thriving, so that you can confidently engage in life, reach your peak performance and shift gears from fear to courage. 

Week 5
Activating Champion Powers

In the 5th week you explore and practice the core powers of your positive intelligence brain, which enable you to meet any challenge in life, generating positive emotions and minimizing negativity and stress. This will enable you to: 


  • Design solid metal toolbox 

  • Practice 3 techniques to activate each power and shift from negative to positive

  • Boost emotional intelligence 


Your Champion powers, combined, form all of the emotional intelligence competencies considered crucial to professional success.

Week 6
Turning Insight Into Action

In the last week you learn how to take clear headed and laser focused, decisive actions based on what you have learnt so far, using your new powers to align your actions with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. 


  • Use your powers to act courageously without emotional distractions

  • Apply your wisdom and practice in reaching your peak performance, managing stress and projecting self-love

  • Set your path to continue progressing towards your aspirations 


You discover how to continue growing your self-esteem and inner confidence using new tools.

“The mind is its own place and, in itself can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.”

John Milton

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