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Supporting leaders and teams in navigating difficult conversations, relationships and situations at work,  empowering people and teams in reaching self-mastery and realising their personal excellence, through developing and enhancing cognitive, emotional and behavioural faculties.

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Nurturing Positive Mindset


Neuro - Linguistic - Programming

One of the best speakers we've had. Great energy and her ability to create a safe space was like none I've seen before. Thoroughly enjoyable workshop! 

- Foster + Partners Participant, London, 2020


Your Emotional Immune System


Practical Approach

Love Notes


Egle Grigaliunaite
Foster+Partners, L&D Advisor

I had such an incredible opportunity to attend a number of Patrycja's sessions and each of them have been so professionally led and empowering. Patrycja's skill to listen, relate to others and hear what is being said as well as what is being kept silent, creates such a wonderfully safe environment for people to open up and start (or continue with) their self-discovery journey. Patrycja not only inspires but also provides practical tools to continue with self-work outside of her workshops, which I found so incredibly useful.
Patrycja, thank you so much for being such a compassionate, personable and inspiring human being. It is truly wonderful to witness someone who is so visibly passionate about and amazing at what they do.


Patrycja, and her business partner Binta Patel, ran a fantastic workshop on 'Building Confidence and Developing Self-Esteem' for our corporate partners and their employees. This workshop was the inaugural virtual event in the live GoSweat Academy series. The event itself was highly engaging and received glowing feedback. It kept momentum and interest throughout and was interactive, enlightening, and extremely well executed. Patrycja exudes a warm and relaxed aura. One is able to explore vulnerability comfortably in her presence, and it is refreshingly easy to adventure into previously uncharted territory to see things clearly and reach those 'Eureka' moments. Patrycja effortlessly balances friendliness with professionalism and I would recommend her to any company.


I have had the great privilege to attend a few workshops delivered by Patrycja at my workplace. Each training session was insightful and energetic. Patrycja has this warm and enthusiastic approach that engages and creates a safe space for participants self-discoveries. Patrycja blends topic presentation with group coaching techniques and gives attention to each participant, so there is even more space for self-reflection, self-awareness and transformation. Patrycja leaves participants not only with practical tools but also with many recommendations and resources. I loved Patrycja's workshops as each time I attended, I gained more clarity about my development direction and career progression.


"The idea came from my passion for human development, the study of neurology, the power of the brain and the incredible importance of nurturing self-esteem."

- Patrycja Skurzak

I offer a number of interactive workshops for companies, teams and small businesses on topics of confidence building & self-esteem, resilient mindset, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and coaching skills. ​

My primary focus is on the growing importance of inner confidence today, and the fact that it is no longer only fundamental human, psychological need, it has also become a supremely important economic need. Today organisations need people with higher level of independence, self-reliance, self-trust, and the capacity to exercise initiative, in one word: self-confidence. Historically, it is a new phenomenon.

The content I share during my programmes and workshops is not only informative but it is predominantly designed to have a direct impact on each and every participant. 

I form very transparent, energetic and stimulating environment, using powerful coaching tools and techniques to generate and implement meaningful and sustainable changes in people’s lives & businesses. All participants get the chance to engage, share their stories and ask powerful questions in a safe and non-judgmental space. 


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