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Casual Meeting

1:1 Exclusive 

Tailored Coaching Sessions For Aspiring Professionals

Helping ambitious professionals expand their range of cognitive and behavioural possibilities to maximise  their potential.


3-months programme


6-months programme


9-months programme

Sessions are between 60 to 90min.
We meet once or twice a month via Zoom.

Access to your Coach throughout the duration of the programme. 
There is growth-work in between the sessions and a regular progress check.




Goals Setting



Fully booked for 2024!

Coaching is not about quick fixes, it is a deep transformational process whereby you grow and develop new habits of thinking and behaving.

Coaching programmes are tailor made and designed on an individual basis after the pre-assessment form and the first consultation session. ​​​

Coaching is based on two parts: the being
and the doing. Being is about increasing your self-awareness and becoming more conscious around what is happening in your life, what you wish to change and where you want to go. Doing is about acting on what you already know and committing to change. ​The coaching process is like a bridge between these two parts. It is about connecting your self-awareness, your vision and your goals with your action, a structure, your motivation and a burning desire to make things happen. 

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Still unsure?

Take this self-assessment* and reflect on your current situation, goals and expectations before you commit to anything.

*Everything shared is kept 100% confidential.

"As your personal coach & trainer, I want to dedicate our time together to make sure you reach the absolute highest level of excellence in your personal as well as your professional life. I’m here to help you define, access and develop the BEST version of you by creating a thought-provoking and stimulating relationship and maximising your personal and professional growth.


Remember that regardless of what your goal is, the journey is about stepping confidently in the direction of that goal, knowing who you are and understanding how you can get there. 


Don't be afraid to dream big. Just be prepared to deepen your learning and forward the action. I believe in you and I’m convinced that you are capable of achieving your largest personal and professional goals with confidence, passion and dedication.​"

- Patrycja Skurzak

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