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My name is Patrycja Skurzak and for the past 10 years, I've been helping aspiring women overcome self-doubt, develop strong inner confidence and master healthy self-esteem, so that they can accelerate personally and professionally, liberate themselves from limiting social norms and start living bold and passionate lives.  

You see, the truth is that, I've seen it too often how some incredible women are plagued with feelings of not being good enough and feeling undeserving of their successes.

My work is a serious quest to stop this from happening.  How?

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1:1 Exclusive 
I offer exclusive 1:1 packages to a limited number of clients a year.

(Fully booked for 2022 & 2023).

Confidently YOU
I curated my signature online programme for all aspiring women out there, wanting to build healthy self-esteem and confidence and own their worth!

Business workshops 
I’m also hired by companies to deliver confidence related workshops or public speaking events on the topics of mental fitness, resilience and imposter syndrome.



Every day I aspire to live boldly and passionately, first by nurturing my soul, mental health and physical fitness and then by inspiring and supporting other women in my life.

My daily nonnegotiables include gratitude, morning prayers, smiling, walks in nature, yoga practice, having a collective laugh, stroking an animal & a cup of coffee!  

My regulars include solo trips into the unknown, dance class, learning how to swim, bike rides, creative cooking, soaking in the SUN!

Less regular and more stretchy activities include sorting out my taxes, dealing with finances & investing. 

I grew up in a culture were finding a rich & resourceful husband was a woman's definition of success. 
I always questioned why...

I'm a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Facilitator and Neurolinguistic Practitioner with a portfolio career of design & delivery of ground-breaking 1-2-1 coaching programmes and L&D training workshops across a broad range of sectors and at all levels, from graduate to C-Suite.

In my practice I empower people and teams in reaching self-mastery and realising their personal excellence, through developing and enhancing their cognitive, emotional and behavioural faculties.


My approach draws on an integrated range of coaching frameworks and techniques rooted in neuroscience, positive psychology, and somatic practice.


I have a solid experience in helping people unleash their full potential, understand their individuality and channel their inner drive and energy more effectively. In my coaching practice, I form very transparent, energetic and stimulating relationships, generating and implementing meaningful and sustainable changes in people’s lives.


"I’m all after promoting personal freedom that is our ability to choose how we handle our thoughts, feelings and behaviour in life." 

On a more serious note..

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