As your personal coach, I want to dedicate our time together to make sure you reach the absolute highest level of excellence in your personal as well as your professional life. I’m here to help you define, access and develop the BEST version of you by creating a thought-provoking and stimulating relationship and maximising your personal and professional growth.


Remember that regardless of what your goal is, the journey is about stepping confidently in the direction of that goal, knowing who you are and understanding how you can get there. 


Don't be afraid to dream big. Just be prepared to deepen your learning and forward the action. I believe in you and I’m convinced that you are capable of achieving your largest personal and professional goals with confidence, passion and dedication.


"Let me be your personal stylist and I'll show you how to wear confidence."


- Patrycja Skurzak, Confidence Coach

Patrycja Skurzak

PS Confidence Coaching

London, United Kingdom

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