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Coaching comes from the world of sports and the arts, where athletes and actors receive coaching so that their work will become extraordinary instead of just okay. Coaching takes people from good to great. 


This programme will prepare you to coach and lead anyone with confidence and fluidity, on any topic, in any situation. You will learn and get to practice some of the most effective and proven tools, models and techniques in the coaching world, that will enhance your coaching conversations and deepen your impact on others. This programme is designed for you to experience transformation in the way you relate to, and work with, other people – empowering them as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, capable of finding answers to their own challenges.


  • Engage with your colleagues and team members in ways that cultivate trust, catalyse self-discovery, enhance insight, and inspire movement into bold action.

  • Integrate “ coaching moments ” into daily conversations, creating deeper connections and maximising learning and growth.

  • Create relationships of trust, providing safe, experiential learning environment that fosters space for intimacy.


I had such an incredible opportunity to attend a number of Patrycja's sessions and each of them have been so professionally led and empowering. Patrycja not only inspires but also provides practical tools to continue with self-work outside of her workshops, which I found so incredibly useful. 

I think the workshop is unique. The space (even online) and atmosphere created by you Patrycja gave me and the other participants many opportunities to speak up, open, reflect, learn new skills and practical tools, which can be implemented right away. For me amazing experience every single time!

Patrycja is an excellent speaker and had lots of energy and positivity - really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it, thank you!

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